NASCAR Angels makes over local family's van

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Folks poured into the Church in the Gardens' parking lot Wednesday afternoon to get their first look at a very special van made over by NASCAR Angels.

Rita Gorenflo, van made over my NASCAR Angels, says, "Vehicle maintenance is a tremendous expense for a family."

Especially for a family of nine; Rita and Les Gorenflo have adopted seven children - all with special needs.

So, what's it like being a mom to seven? "There are some days that are just very, very challenging and other days that flow. We're family, and good, bad and ugly, we're a family."

However, traveling as a family became difficult when their 2001 Chevy van became not so reliable.

But three weeks ago, a phone call from NASCAR Angels came; they were going to give the Gorenflo's van a complete makeover.

Rita exclaims, "I let out a whoop and opened up the bedroom door, and said, 'Marlene just called, and they're going to do the van!"

NASCAR Angels is in their second season. And every week, Rusty Wallace and Shannon Wiseman have the honor of helping very special families get a much needed transportation fix.

Shannon Wiseman, host of NASCAR Angels, describes, "It's just a wonderful show to be a part of. To go out there and find people that are doing good things in the community, this is what television should always be about."

But things can get stressful at times. "Behind the scenes, we are crunching time. We are trying to put this together in a week."

And the kids are excited about their improved set of wheels. They even implemented a new rule.

"Brian says, 'Mom, if they make that van look nice, you can't let us eat in the car anymore!' And I said, 'Guess what? You won't be eating in the car anymore,'" laughs Rita.

And having a dependable van that looks great is a wonderful reward to a family who deserves so much.

"Thank you is such an adequate word, but for a lack of better words, thank you from the bottom of our hearts."