Deal or Dud: Smart Masker

Adding a new coat of paint to rooms in your house can be a messy and painstaking job. It's even more difficult for perfectionists. That's why we put the Smart Masker to the Deal or Dud Test.

Kinder Ayson had a brand new kitchen and a whole lot of blue tape. "We put paper out. We tape everything up because I don't want any green paint on my nice floors."

Major kitchen remodeling aside, she knows a quick fix for the rest of her new home is to splash some paint on the walls.

As long as it's perfect! "If it's not perfect, I'm gonna be yelling."

Yes, she'll be the first to tell you that: "We're really meticulous!"

Therefore, prepping a room for paint means rolling out the protective paper and very carefully masking the trim. And her perfection is painstaking!

And sorry Kinder, the makers of the Smart Masker say they have a better way! "Anything that would make it go faster would be awesome!"

Their product is designed to make prepping a room faster, easier and more accurate. Plus, it holds tape in a variety of sizes.

Simply hold the Smart Masker against the wall and run it along the trim.

But what does our perfectionist say? "I think it passes."

The product works best on thick moldings; although, we were able to run it along the skinny floor trim.

And while we did run into problems in tight spaces and along the popcorn ceiling, we were able to work around most obstacles.

"I think it worked great because I don't think I could do any better, and this is a lot faster."

Painting's a lot faster too with an extra set of hands. And, as for prep, this just might be the "perfect" product.

For more information, visit the Smart Masker's Web site.