Deal or Dud: Grill Daddy

For neighbors Danny Vigil and Rodney Schatz, cooking out can get pretty creative.

"I think we make out like bandits, both of us, living near each other."

You'll find these friends most nights grilling up a great meal. But because these guys are great fans of meat with marinades, often the mess left behind is a tough task to tackle. So, when the two saw an ad on TV for the Grill Daddy, they both had the same thought: Try it out.

The product is designed to get your grill not just clean, but, according to the instructions, it will get it sparkling clean.

As per the instructions, we pre-heated the grills on high, and then filled the grill daddy with water. The device is designed to dispense the water to steam clean and sanitize your grill.

But, immediately, our duo is disappointed.

"Ahhh, yeah, that's hot. It's a painful cleaning. The steam comes back and burns your hand."

Despite there being no warning in the instructions, the Grill Daddy dishes out steam that's nearly too hot to handle.

"My fingers were solid red and it was hurting."

While the Daddy does get some of the grime off the grill, our testers tells us it's not any cleaner than it would be with a traditional wire brush.

"It's doing a good job on the surface. But, in between the grates, I don't see any difference."

So, we moved on to a second grill. This one may be easier to clean because it has smaller spaces between the grates.

But, again, the steam and flare up make cleaning near impossible!

While some of the stuck on mess is manageable, all the steam comes back and burns your hand. And it's a far cry from the sparkling clean that attracted out tester's attention.

"I was expecting it to just fall right off."

What do they think: Deal or Dud?

"I think its a dud."

"I think its a dud, too."

Whereas our testers found the Grill Daddy to be a dud, you can put it to the test yourself. It'll cost you about $15.

For more information, their Web site is