Rachel learns to drive a monster truck!

For two years, Joel Miller has been thrilling the crowd in his monster truck named 'Get Er Done'.

"We work out tails off just to put on one heck of a show. If we've got to stay up 12 hours for just to make a five minute freestyle, we do it. We do it day end and day out, and we love it," he says.

Rachel asks, "What does your mother think about this?"

Joel responds, "She gets a kick out of it. She thinks it's a lot better than driving motorcycles -  a lot safer."

Yet, he has taken a few spills.

Rachel asks, "Have you wrecked any?"

Joel responds, "Oh tons. Just like weekend, I broke the tailgate off."

And this may be the reason why he's always breaking things. "We freestyle; we crush cars; we race. Pretty much anything you can do with a monster truck, we do it."

They then took Get Er Done for a run around the track, crushing two cars.

It was then my turn. I had to climb up 14 feet! And in my short spin around the track, I burned through some major dough.

Rachel asks, "How many miles per gallon do you get?

Joel replies, "It's a 25 gallon tank, so if we're lucky, we'll get a mile out of it."

And tires cost about $400 to $500 a piece, and they have to be replaced every year.

Well, driving Joel's monster truck was definitely a cool experience, but I decided that kind of up keep was too much for me!