Divorce Party

People throw bachelor or bachelorette parties to acknowledge a new beginning, but the latest thing is turning that kind of party upside down.

Instead of celebrating the beginning of a marriage, some are choosing to toast in style to the end. Take a look at this new trend of separation celebration.

Christina Marie finally thought she had pulled off the fairytale when she married for a second time. But, two years later, she realized she was wrong. "He left me."

It was splitsville again. And Christina wanted to get back at her exes and let everyone know she was single again. "I want to be really naughty, you know, and be like, 'Here I am again.. Ya know, I'm single.'"

In May, invitations to her divorce party went out to more than 50 men and women. "Sin is in. Here's to the days of marital bliss. It all started out with a single kiss."

The card showed Christina as an animated devil with a tail between her legs, a martini in her hand and a crew of naked men at her beck and call. "I got fed up with his boring s*** and told him finally this was it. So let's all celebrate with the bottom of a glass and have some fun. He can kiss my a**"

For one steamy night, Christina reserved a local bar. She got a DJ and a new blue dress. "It was from Fredrick's of Hollywood. I wanted something really sexy."

Christina is part of a growing trend of men and women spending money to celebrate the end of a marriage. "When I had that party, you could tell - and it was glowing, it was like a rebirth."

And retailers are taking notice. Partyhearse.com will stage a funeral for a dead marriage. The divorce party planner gives you party themes, and there's the wedding ring coffin.

Christina says her party was all about telling her friends she's ok. "I don't regret anything that makes me smile. At one point, it was good, but it just didn't work out, and it's really not a big deal."

She won't rule out getting married again, but before Christina ties the knot for a third time, she has to get past one little hang up: Her divorce still isn't final.

So what did she do with her wedding ring?  She made diamond earrings for her niece.

For more information on planning your own party, check out Partyhearse.com and Divorcepartyplanner.com.