Three hurt in three separate shootings

Reporter: Lindsay Cohen

A hail of bullets hit at least three people hit in Rivera Beach. There were three separate shootings within blocks of each other, and one of the victims is a teen.

One woman describes hearing nearly three dozen rapid fire gunshots. Her fear? An automatic weapon being used. And her children were just a few homes away.

The Violent Crimes Task Force has been called out to investigate three separate shootings. The first on 29th Street and Avenue S just before 7 p.m. Monday.

Police say two people were shot, Anthony Hester, Jr. and Bernard Johnson. Hester was shot two to three times in the groin, and Johnson, a teenager, was grazed by a bullet and treated at the scene.

Police believe it was a drive-by shooting. About half an hour later, another shooting occurred just a few blocks away at 27th Street and West 26th Court.

Lilly Williams who lives here remembers just a few weeks ago when her young children actually witnessed gunfire in their own backyard. "They were in the backyard when they started shooting at each other, and they basically ran in the house, and I actually told them to run into the house. This time they didn't see it, they just heard it."

Reporter asks, "As a mother does this worry you that your kids are staying in a place where this is going on?"

"It worries me crazily because my kids is not safe. Even at home, we're not safe."

The victim at this scene is 47-year-old Mildred Walter. She was shot once in the leg and taken to St. Mary's Hospital. All three victims are expected to be okay.

There was a third shooting, less than an hour ago, at Monroe Heights Park. Police are still trying to figure out if the shootings are related.