Bones found in dumped car

Reporter: Chuck Weber

Last week Fox 29 showed you exclusive video of special agents pulling more than a 100 cars out of a canal along Lox Road in Boca Raton.

Investigators say most of the cars were dumped there by owners committing insurance fraud or because they're stolen.

Investigators were back out there Tuesday, but this time they found more than just cars. One of the cars pulled from the Hillsboro Canal had bones in it.

Right now, detectives don't know if the bones belong to a person or an animal. That's the first question to be answered. If the bones are human, do deputies have a murder on their hands?

The car is a mid-1980s Mercedes Benz two seater. It looks like it's been in the water a long time. Inside the car, there was a lot of mud debris and bones.

Michael Bianchi, Palm Beach Co. Sheriff's Office, says, "Once they got it up on the bank, because the water's very murky, the auto theft detectives noticed there were some bones inside the vehicle. So, erring on the side of caution, they went ahead and stopped. They roped off the area."

A little while ago, a wrecker came and moved the car from the canal bank here and took it to the sheriff's office. There, once detectives get a search warrant, they'll start going through the car.

The medical examiner's office will look at the bones to determine if they belong to a person. If they are human bones, detectives have lots of work ahead, trying to get as much information as possible from the bones and from the car, to see if they need to investigate a murder.

We'll let you know what they find out.