Local mother killed by ex-boyfriend

Reporter: Stephanie Gailhard

Updated: A local mother is kidnapped and killed by her ex-boyfriend. She was shoved into a car on Avenue O in Riviera Beach Wednesday night. Shortly after that she was shot dead during a dramatic police chase.

Shauna Le Conte says, " I remember all 37 years of her life."

Pain so deep, Shauna can feel it in her bones. Tonya Raines was her cousin, her best friend. She now leaves behind two daughters.

Tavares Carter, Tonya's nephew, says, "She was a good girl, and she did not deserve to go like that."

Family members say Tonya broke up with her boyfriend, Isaac Benjamin, months ago because of his violent temper.

"One time, he beat her with an iron. She managed to get away," says Shauna.

But this time she wasn't so lucky. Investigators say Benjamin fired several shots outside her Riviera Beach home before forcing her into his car.

The commotion brought out neighbors. Ralph Johnson describes, "I saw the girls running up and down the street. One of them was hollering and screaming 'Call the police.'"

Officers managed to catch up with Benjamin in his white Ford Mustang on the Beeline Highway. At one point, the chase reached 110 miles per hour. Shortly after, his car started to overheat and he was forced to pull over.

Police then heard a gunshot. They found both shot to death in an apparent murder-suicide.

Shauna says, "He didn't give her a chance; he decided for the both of them."

Tonya had a "no contact order" against her ex- boyfriend; that's like a restraining order, but it's not drawn up by an attorney. Instead, it is a verbal order from a judge preventing contact between two people.

Previously: Gunfire in a local neighborhood leads to a high speed chase. It started in Riviera Beach and ended on the Beeline Highway with two people dead in an apparent murder-suicide.

It started as an argument between a couple on Avenue 0 in Riviera Beach. That argument sparked a high speed chase and then that murder suicide.

Investigators say the argument turned violent Wednesday night when a man fired several gun shots into the air and then forced his girlfriend in a car.

He sped off, and at one point was going 110 miles per hour on the Beeline Highway where police caught up with him.

Sometime during the pursuit, Riviera officers reported seeing a muzzle flash inside the passenger compartment of the vehicle.

Just before deputies were going to nab him, his car started to overheat and he was forced to pull over.

As officers surrounded the car, a shot was heard and a muzzle flash was visible from within the car. Officers approached and saw both subjects were dead from apparent gun-shot wounds.

The PBSO Violent Task Force took over the investigation.