Radio personality on trial for having sex with teen

Reporter: Chuck Weber

The local radio and TV personality who's accused of meeting up with a 13-year-old girl for sex is now on trial.

On Thursday that teen took the stand against Bruno Moore, but it's what the girl's mother said during testimony that is really surprising.

"He asked me, 'Would you ever consider being with a 34 year old?" recalls the teen.

She's now 15, but at 13, she communicated with WIRK DJ Bruno Moore - first requesting songs, later having sexually explicit conversations over phone and Internet.

And, I said, "Would you ever be with a 13 year old?"

He said, "Maybe you."

The girl wasn't the only one in her family communicating with Moore. Prosecutors questioned the girl's mother.

Prosecutor: "Did you ever develop a romantic interest in anyone who worked on WIRK?"

Mother: "Yeah, there was a possibility."

Prosecutor: "Who was it?"

Mother: "Bruno Moore."

The mom says while she exchanged steamy text messages with Moore, she had no idea her daughter was communicating with him, too. When her daughter did tell her, she assumed her daughter's online identity. "I signed on and waited. I didn't have to wait long."

She says when Moore mentioned coming over, that's when she went to police.

Earlier, lawyers made their opening statements. They talk about rough sex, what she was wearing, and a meeting on a Friday.

The defendant clearly believed he was talking to a child.

"And not just put your hands on your ear when you see those horrible words. But put it in the right context, you'll see there was absolutely no intent to do anything other than be a dope," states Moore's lawyer, Marc Shiner.

The girl first told Moore she was 17, almost 18. But later, she confessed to being 13. Prosecutors say that didn't stop Moore.

Moore's lawyer claims his client never really knew how old the girl was and showed jurors pictures from the girl's Myspace page to prove she was trying to look older.

The trial should wrap up Friday.