Wife shares why she allegedly stabbed her husband

Reporter: Stephanie Dukes

A wife going to jail, accused of stabbing her husband to death, opens up to Fox 29 to get a few things off her chest.

Renee Marsh left police headquarters somber and in handcuffs. Investigators say she told them she'd stabbed her husband.

She told us it was a bad night in a troubled relationship. "Martial problems, abuse problems, drinking problems," she says.

Reporter asks, "Has this been going on for a while?"

Marsh responds, "Yeah, we've only been married for a year."

The Marshes lived in the San Michele Apartment complex with their three children.

When police arrived on the scene Sunday night, they found Joseph Marsh's body in a shower next to the bedroom where investigators believe the couple had been arguing.

The apartment manager, Tiffany Sierra, says neighbors have often called police to break up their fights. "A lot of domestic stuff, always pushing and hitting, stuff like that. I believe there's been a couple of arrests, you know, in the past."

She fled the apartment after the stabbing. An hour later, police found her sitting in her car about a half mile away at a Super Target. Lt. Chuck Reed, WPB Police, says, "I don't believe she was aware she'd killed him. She knew she'd stabbed him, but she wasn't aware he was dead at that point in time."

Marsh told us she stabbed her husband because he was trying to suffocate her. "He left behind two children. I love him very much. I wish it never happened."

Marsh now faces second degree murder. The Florida Department of Children and Families has placed the children - ages 17, 15 and 13 - in the custody of a family friend.