"Foster grandparent" accused of molesting child

Reporter: Gabriella Bruni

An 80-year-old man, volunteering at a local daycare center, is accused of molesting a child. So why was he allowed in the daycare in the first place and could he have done this before?

He was supposed to be looking after little kids inside the PSL Daycare, but, police say, he went too far with at least one little girl.

Aureliano Garcia spent his golden years helping out at local head start daycare centers. Now, he's spending time behind bars accused of inappropriately touching a 5 year old during nap time.

Police say Garcia was tucking the little girl in when he allegedly crossed the line. "She alleges that one of the helpers put her hand down her pants and rubbed her," says a spokesperson.

The Area Agency on Aging says Garcia has been volunteering as a "foster grandparent" at head start daycares in Palm Beach and St. Lucie Counties for the last five years. They tell us all volunteers have to pass criminal background checks before they are placed with children. They also say no volunteer should ever be alone with a child.

But police believe Garcia was alone at the time he allegedly touched the girl. She told her father what happened.

We went to Garcia's home to ask him some questions, but no one answered the door.

Based on Garcia's age and the fact that he has been volunteering for several years, police believe there are more victims.

A spokesperson for the Area Agency on Aging tells us the "foster grandparent" program has been around for 10 years with about 200 hundred seniors volunteering at some point and there has never been an incident like this.