Five women claim doctor went too far

He's accused of breaching the trust between physician and patient. And another local woman has come forward accusing Dr. Shaheed Kalloo of touching her inappropriately.

The woman is the fifth in little more than a year to allege the doctor crossed the line. She says the West Palm Beach doctor touched her inappropriately and then propositioned her for sex.

But one longtime patient of Dr. Kalloo's doesn't buy it. "He became a doctor because of his love of people and the fact he wanted to help. That's why. There's absolutely no way," states Sandra Flint.

We spoke with an attorney for Kalloo who told us, "This is a travesty of justice."

And that they look forward to their day in court. Kalloo was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail Monday on several charges including sexual battery on a mentally handicapped person.