Rachel challenges Jason from Wild 95.5 to paintball war

Recently, I challenged Jason from The Wild Morning Show to a TV vs. radio paintball war. So who came out the winner? Place your bets now.

"If I win this, Rachel has to go on a date with me," Jason says.

But if I win? "Whatever she wants. She can name it; that's fine. Yeah, but if beat her - which I will - she has to go on a real date with me."

His words - not mine! Also his words, "I'm ending this quick. This will be over in the next 30 seconds, and then she has to go on a date with me."

While Jason was talking smack back behind my back, I had a little something up my sleeve.

"I got a special gun for you. This thing will shoot about 10 times faster than what he's got," says owner Don Guest.

I know, I'm horrible! But I'm not about to lose!

Paintball might seem a bit scary to you, But Rush owners Don and Sharon Guest say it's actually pretty safe since it's in a controlled environment.

Because this was my first time playing, I was concerned about it hurting, but it only stung for a split second when Jason hit me. But don't worry, I got him back!

With round one done, Jason decided to rethink his strategy.

"Yeah, I think I'm going to fall back, roll down that way, throw her off with a dive. Throw a rock one way and me go another," he says.

Round two began, and I was little more confident. But just when I had him exactly where I wanted him...

"My gun broke!" shouts Jason.

He did challenge me to a rematch, so we'll see what will happen.

Have your own Paintball War out at Rush Paintball - maybe you'll Jason and I out there!