Community divided over sex-ed curriculum

Reporter: Jana Eschbach

How much is too much when it comes to sex ed?

Things heated up Tuesday night as a local school board makes a controversial decision. Students will now be taught the ins and outs of sex despite some parents objections.

Bradley Gould, concerned parent, states, "This is a real problem, you know, it's a problem, and you can teach people how to prevent it."

Parents speak up in support of changing the sex-ed curriculum for St. Lucie County schools to address what the superintendent says is a public health crisis.

Superintendent Michael Lannon, St. Lucie County, says, "You come down to what is the final issue: This community must stand up and face this demon. This demon is death and illness, HIV, AIDS and other STDs."

But several thousand parents are just as passionate against the new sex-ed lesson plan. For the first time, students would be talking about condoms in the classroom.

"Bringing in this program is bringing Planned Parenthood into our schools," says Jim Thoma.

After hours of public input, the board votes 4-1 to talk about condoms.

"I am disappointed, and we have our work cutout. We have four school board members to replace," says Pastor Brian Longworth.

A few have even called for the superintendent's resignation. But Lannon says he's not giving anywhere. "This was, is and will be a health issue until we solve the epidemic plaguing St. Lucie County."