Bodies found in mall parking lot

Reporter: Stephanie Gailhard

We're following developing news out of Boca Raton Thursday morning where two bodies were found in a SUV outside the Sears at the Boca Raton Town Center Mall.

Investigators are going through the SUV now looking for evidence. Shortly after midnight Wednesday, mall security discovered two people dead inside the SUV.

More than a dozen Boca Raton Police Officers involved in the investigation right now. They've been here about seven hours looking for evidence and discussing possible leads.

The gruesome discovery was made after mall security labeled a black SUV as suspicious.

So what tipped mall security off that the car looked suspicious? "Well, it was after hours, after midnight. The parking lot should be empty at this point. So any vehicles they see, they check out," says Officer Sandra Booneberg.

The black SUV was towed out of the parking lot around 6 a.m. Thursday. The medical examiner pulled the bodies out of the SUV. Investigators are being very tight lipped about how they died.