Angels appear to local family

Reporter: Jana Eschbach

Angels come to the rescue of a local family who's struggling during this holiday season after a lengthy court fight and mounting medical bills. It comes from a classroom of teens led by a teacher who knows their pain.

Fox 29 was there as a Secret Santa arrived in Port St. Lucie.

Police thought a little boy's father, Preston Stanton, used to beat his son time and time again. "It really upset me; they blame me for hurting my children. I love my children with all my heart."

Preston was arrested, jailed and told he was not allowed to see his children for three whole months. "I was away from them for three months, and it killed me. I missed so much with them growing up. She [daughter Kaitlyn] asked for me everyday."

"She would cry herself to sleep every night, and I didn't know what to tell her," says Preston's wife.

Dylan was later diagnosed with Brittle Bone Syndrome, a rare disease causing frequent bone breaks.

Carolyn Miller, a teacher with the same disease, knows what this family is going through. "I have it and have broken 70. My 8 year old has broken eight bones, and my 4 year old has broken nine."

The Stantons feared Christmas would not come for Dylan and Kaitlyn after $30,000 in legal and medical bills.

And Miller's Treasure Coast High School students didn't want to hear that. "They did all of this; they brought in all the gifts and stayed after school for three hours to wrap it."

One by one, Santa delivered presents to the family.

Preston knows life's been rough. "I owe a lot to you guys, and I appreciate everything you have done for my kids. Thank you."

But when you least expect it, angels really do appear. "Overwhelming, it's wonderful so wonderful. Thank you so much guys. I don't know what to say."

Even though a doctor says they are certain Dylan has Brittle Bone Syndrome, the Stantons still are under investigation by the Department of Children and Families. DCF will not allow Dylan and his father to be alone yet.