Scouts' trees stolen but not spirit

Reporter: Allison Bybee

You better watch out, you better not cry, Santa knows someone was doing some not-so-nice things in our area.

Thieves swiped some of the trees a local cub scout pack had on sale to raise money. But while some of the fundraiser may have been stolen, the spirit of the kids was not.

For weeks Cub Scout Troop 122 out of Loxahatchee Groves sold Christmas trees out of tents to raise money, but then someone stole more than a dozen of them. So, on Monday, the cub scouts will give away whatever they have left.

About two weeks ago, someone swiped 16-18 trees, but the troop turned the tragedy into something positive for their community. Over the weekend, they tried to sell their remaining trees. The goal of this sale was to raise money for the troop and for Loxahatchee Groves Elementary School.

Whatever, they did not sell over the weekend will be given away Christmas Eve Day.

The assistant troop master says while it's a positive spin to this holiday, the crime that brought them to this point is a hard one to explain to young boys. "How can someone do this to the cub scouts? We're in a happy time of year, and things are bad enough as they are. But it was quite depressing for all of us that have spent many hours here from Thanksgiving to date trying to do the right thing," says Peter Parisi.

Starting at 10 a.m. Monday, any trees remaining in the tents will be given away to needy families.

The pack worked with the county organization 211 to identify those who still don't have a tree this holiday season.