Officer arrested for allegedly assaulting girl

Fort Pierce Police arrest one of their own - accusing him of a disgusting crime he allegedly committed while on duty.

Police tell us Officer Dwight Toombs was on duty December 18 investigating a call of two people having sex. When he found the couple, detectives say, he sexually assaulted the 15-year-old girl saying he needed to take evidence.

Fort Pierce's Police Chief says the evidence against the officer is very strong. "He was in uniform, and he was on duty," says Chief Sean Baldwine. "This is never easy for us when we have to arrest one of our own officers, and it's disappointing. It's painful to be honest with you, but it is something we have to do."

Toombs was fired from the police department in 2004 over allegations of child abuse but was reinstated. In 2006, he was put on leave after the Taser death of a man. And, in 2007, Toombs was reprimanded for spending time in an adult video store while on duty.