Droopy jeans land family in jail

Leger's father, mother and sister
Leger's father, mother and sister

Droopy jeans land a family of six behind bars.

Deputies arrested FSU student Franz Leger for trespassing at the Mall at Wellington Green. Turns out he was banned from the mall this summer for wearing his jeans too low. By returning to the mall, he broke the law.

Leger's father, mother, sister and two cousins all got involved and were cuffed and carted off to jail for trespassing, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest - among other things.

During the ordeal, deputies called in a helicopter and closed nearby roads. Deputies say they did everything by the book.

But the Legers say they were treated unfairly. They plan to get a lawyer this week.

You may remember the Mayor of Riviera Beach is collecting signatures to ban saggy pants throughout that city. He wants to make it illegal for anyone to wear pants so low that underwear or skin is exposed. Mayor Thomas Masters has been going door-to-door collecting signatures to put the issue before the voters March 11. If it passes, offenders would be given a $150 fine or community service.