Presidential Primary: Will FL's votes even count?

Reporter: Suzanne Boyd

Florida's primary is earlier this year, January 29, but how much will our votes even count?

The national parties punished Florida for moving the primary from February 5 to January. So, is it pointless to even go to the polls for the presidential primary?

"This is the most important election of my daughter's future," says Nedra Obradovitch.

It may be this West Palm Beach mother most important vote, but will her vote even count? She's a Democrat, and you may remember the Democratic National Committee took away all of Florida's delegates when the legislature moved up our primary.

The Republicans lost half. That means the state won't get full credit for your vote. "I still think it's important to vote. I try to never miss an opportunity to go out and voice my opinion," Nedra continues.

That's exactly what state party leaders want to hear. Florida Democrats plan to appeal, and they believe the votes will count at the convention. "The state of Florida, the fourth largest economy, is not going to have all those chairs and nobody there. So, the 210 delegates will be seated - no question about it," says Palm Beach County Democratic Party Chair Wahid Mahmood.

And the presidential race isn't the only thing we're voting on here in Florida. Local elections and the constitutional amendment on property taxes will also be on the January 29 ballot. "The government is a disaster right now. I think it's important for everyone to get out and vote when they can make a difference," says one West Palm Beach resident.

We're the only state to hold a primary on January 29, and it's before the February 5 'Tsunami Tuesday' when at least 20 other states hold their primaries.