Truck stolen with child inside

Reporter: Jana Eschbach

A local 4 year old has quite a story to tell. He was in his dad's truck when a crook jumped in and drove off. The search continues for the thief.

Fox 29's Jana Eschbach is the only reporter to speak with the owner of the truck and the little boy who got the ride of a lifetime.

They pulled up to show a home for sale on Avenue G. The truck was running, he unlocked the door for potential investors, and, then, the truck was gone, and the chase was on to find not only his truck but his son.

Inside that truck was little Isaiah Robinson. "My heart, it just went down to the floor. I was like, 'Wow, this is not happening to me," says Stan Robinson.

Isaiah got dropped off miles away on Avenue T and began knocking on doors looking for his father. Miles to the northwest and scared, the car thief ditched the truck on North 51st Street in a sea of neighbors.

Fort Pierce police lifted fingerprints left on the truck, so even if K9 search teams came up empty, they'll find the suspect.

But Isaiah's dad says the main thing is that his son is alive.

Police are working to identify the suspect with good descriptions from several eye witnesses.  Looking at his crime path, police know they are dealing with someone local.