I-4 reopens after 70-car pileup

Updated, Fri. 7:45 AM: Interstate 4 has now reopened after a 70 car pileup. Four people were killed and 38 others were injured.

The cause was due to visibly from dense fog.

Updated, Thurs. 9 AM: Interstate 4 remains shutdown in the middle of the state after a horrible 70-car pile-up.  The highway has been shut down since Wednesday morning.  Four people are dead, another 38 people hurt, and we now know 70 cars were involved.

One man who witnessed the aftermath of the pile-up said, "You had people hollering you know..hey help me.. Is there a doctor, a nurse. We couldn't see nobody that was standing in front of us; it was so dark."

It looked like it was snowing, but it was actually fog mixed with thick smoke from a brush fire.  The smoke covered I-4 in Polk County early Wednesday morning, and drivers could not see a foot in front of them.

The scene has been totally cleaned up, but the section if I-4 between 27, and the Tampa area will be shut down for an undetermined amount of time.

Among the many victims was a Polk County Sheriff's Deputy.  Deputy Carlton Turners' cruiser was hit three times, but despite the imminent danger he went back to try and save others.  Had Deputy Turner not gone back, the death toll could have been higher.

Updated, Wed. 2 PM: Conditions have cleared up on a highway that was blanketed by early morning fog and smoke from a brush fire in central Florida Wednesday.

A 15-mile stretch on Interstate 4 between Tampa and Orlando is closed because of several accidents, including a 50-car pileup. Three people were killed and others were injured in the accidents.

Mangled, charred trucks and cars pinned underneath some tractor trailers are spread across the highway.

Workers are still trying to rescue one man pinned beneath an overturned truck. Numerous tractor trailers overturned on the roadway, including a tanker. At least 6 of them burned completely.

One of the first accident victims was a sheriff's deputy. He later helped move people to safety as vehicles continued to pile.

But the deputy was haunted by those he couldn't save. He said he watched a man burn to death.

Previously: At least three people have died in a 50-car pileup on a busy highway blanketed by fog and brush fire smoke in central Florida.

Nearly 15 miles of Interstate 4 between Tampa and Orlando in central Florida are blocked after several accidents, including the 50-car pileup. Aerial footage shows next to no visibility for miles, with a soupy mix of fog and smoke giving the skies an eerie golden color.

Polk County officials say a tanker overturned on the roadway, but it's not clear if the truck was part of the pileup.

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