Lawsuit filed by Bochicchio family

Reporter: Lindsay Cohen

A lawsuit has now been filed by the family of Nancy and Joey Bochicchio. The mother and daughter were found murdered in the Boca Raton Town Center Mall parking lot December 13.

The murder remains unsolved, and a $350,000 reward is still unclaimed.

But the big question is could the murders of Nancy and Joey Bochicchio have been prevented?

That question is raised in a lawsuit filed Tuesday against the mall and its parent company, Simon.

According to our news partners at the Palm Beach Post, the victims' family contends that Simon and mall managers knew about security shortfalls but did nothing to improve them.

You may remember there were striking similarities between the Bochicchio case and a carjacking and kidnapping at the mall back in August.

The attorney representing the Bochicchio's family argues the August attack should have sparked significant changes in mall security, and, without those changes, mall patrons have gone severely unprotected.

Our message left for that attorney, so far, has not been returned. But he told the Palm Beach Post while the lawsuit seeks unspecified damages, this isn't about money, it is about finding the Bochicchios' killer.

An e-mail sent to a spokesman for Simon malls, so far, has not been returned.