Nancy Bochicchio's sister speaks out

She lost her sister and her niece in the Town Center Mall murders. Now, she's speaking out.

Nancy Bochicchio's sister is convinced the mall could have prevented the killings. She tells Fox 29 why. "Something should have been done. My sister and Joey might be here today."

But Nancy and Joey Bochicchio are gone, and their killer is still on the streets. Both were found bound and shot in their SUV outside Boca's Town Center Mall.

JoAnn Bruno is still too scared to show her face during this interview but still wants her words to ring out. "That is why I am doing this interview hoping that somebody will see and realize a woman, a mother with children [was murdered]. We are all at risk."

JoAnn is also speaking out because she is suing Simon Property Group, the owners of Town Center. Her lawyers say the mall failed to provide adequate security and failed to notify other shoppers after a mother and her son were robbed and held hostage in August under similar circumstances. "If they had publicized it, if they had put cameras in surveillance, something for security, this wouldn't have happened."

She knows that focusing on the "ifs" will never bring her sister and niece back, but the hope is by speaking up and speaking out through this lawsuit, other attacks may be prevented.

Town Center Mall already has plans to add more security cameras and build a police substation at the mall.

Lawyers for the Bochicchio's family say they don't want a settlement from the mall. They want to go to a trial and have a jury decide this case.