Man impaled at construction site

A local construction worker survived a close call on Tuesday, and he's going to have a story to tell when he recovers. He was rushed to St. Mary's Medical Center after he was impaled on a steel rod.

He was working on a construction site in Royal Palm Beach when he fell 10 to 15 feet onto a piece of rebar.  It went through his buttock and into his groin. Six to eight inches of the rod was stuck inside of him.

Crews rushed to the scene to cut the man free.  "We had to get up underneath him and cut the reinforcement rod to remove him," Don Delucia of Palm Beach Fire Rescue said.  "And then get him on a back board and take him to the Traumahawk."

When he arrived at the hospital we're told he was in stable condition.  We do not yet know the man's identity.