Police searching for person who killed two dogs

Two dogs in the area have been shot and then left on a busy highway.  Police in North Palm Beach have no idea who stole and then shot the 2-poodles, "Zeus" and "Xena".  Their owner is Palm Beach Daily News Editor Joyce Reingold.

She told FOX29 News that she let the dogs out in the back yard around 8pm Friday night.  The next thing she knew she got a phone call saying the dogs had been found dead.  Neighbors are stunned, and are keeping their pets close.

"[It's] very unbelievable," Adele Gold, a neighbor of Reingold's told us. "It was on US1, so I'm wondering if someone just drove along and left them there."

At first it appeared that the dogs were hit by a car, but a veterinarian determined they were shot.  If you know anything you are urged to call North Palm Beach Police.