Dress drama at S. FL Fair

Is it a case of sabotage in our own backyard? Some people think so.

Twenty-one-year-old Jessica Wittenbrink took the crown in this year's Miss South Florida Fair pageant, but her road to victory was not an easy one.

Our partners at the Palm Beach Post took these pictures of Saturday night's event.

Jessica's $3,400 dress was stunning - perhaps too stunning for some. Jessica found her dress vandalized in the middle of the pageant. There are four red streaks of lipstick covering the back of the dress.

According to our partners at the Post, contestants learned about the dress drama when they spotted Jessica sobbing backstage.

Officials tried to steam clean the dress, but it didn't work. The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office says there was not enough evidence to name a suspect. And, right now, the case is inactive unless they get new information.

Jessica came out of top in the end winning the crown and $6,000 in cash plus scholarship money.

Some contestants also mentioned that the backstage dressing area was not secure enough and that fair patrons could have wandered in while looking for a bathroom. So, it looks like the dress mystery may never be solved.