Argument over beer turns violent

Reporter: Alex Zequeira

Updated: A violent confrontation in the streets of Lake Worth ends with two men in the hospital. It started with a drunken argument and stabbing and ended with an officer shooting one of them.

Lake Worth Police say the suspect, armed with a knife, wouldn't obey commands, and they had to protect themselves. Sgt. Rick Ponce, says, "Whenever you encounter anybody with a gun or knife or any kind of weapon, that can inflict great bodily harm to either you or victims or civilians in the area. Obviously, we receive a lot of training on when to apply deadly physical force which, in this case, it was."

According to one witness, the two men were drinking with him and others when they began arguing about how much money each spent on a case of beer. That argument quickly turned physical. "One of the men took a spoon and hit the other one in the face. That's when that man got really angry, grabbed a knife, and stabbed his attacker."

This witness and the victim's nephew jumped in to help - even getting blood all over their hands and some on their cloths. "I wanted to cover my uncle's stab wound. I wanted to cover it, so it would stop bleeding."

Police collected their clothes as evidence and interviewed over a dozen men trying to figure out what happened. Both men are expected to recover, but the incident is too much for some who live nearby. Josemar Poubec says, "Yes, this has really scared me. I'm going to move somewhere else because I don't want to live here anymore."

The stabbing victim and his attacker have already undergone surgery at the Delray Medical Center where they are still recovering.

No word yet on what charges will be filed.

Previously: A devloping story out of Lake Worth Wednesday morning. Over night several shots fired while Lake Worth police investigating the scene of a stabbing.

Police are still trying to sort out what happened at the 200 block of South F Street earlier in the night. They were called out to investigate a stabbing, but when they arrived, shots rang out. It happened around 1 AM Wednesday morning.

Some witnesses say they heard five to six shots fired.

At this time it is not known whether the shots were fired at police or if police fired at some one else. There is also no word yet on whether anyone was hurt during the crossfire.

As anyone would imagine, the commotion did wake several neighbors up. One of them had this to say about what happened. "I heard three gunshots, and I came, got my dogs out of the house, and dialed 911," says Stephen King. "They didn't answer; it must have been jammed up. Then, I came out here, and there was a cop car and a fire truck, and that's all I saw."

Police are still being very tight lipped about what happened. They are currently interviewing a number of people. No word yet on whether they are suspects or simply persons of interest.

We did see CSI checking for what looked like gun shot residue on the hands of some of these individuals. But, again, more questions than answers at this Lake Worth neighborhood Wednesday morning.

We will, of course, continue to follow this story and bring you the latest developments as they become available.