Aggressive gator caught

Reporter: Dana Palley

After more than a week of lurking in a local pond, trappers finally catch a gator who is believed to have eaten a pet last week. But he wasn't going down without a fight.

The aggressive alligator is no longer a threat. Trappers caught the gator they believe attacked three dogs killing one of them.

Fox 29 got their hands on the home video showing how tough it was to catch the angry reptile.

Corey Fregoso was rolling his video camera as trappers pulled in this eight-foot 220-pound gator from a lake near I-95 and Linton Boulevard.

Last week, fire rescuers rushed to the scene and witnessed the gator pull an 80-pound dog under the water. A dog, now named Lucky, was rescued and another took off.

Trappers set the bait, and it finally worked. Corey Fregoso, captured gator on tape, says, "I saw the actual head come out of the water, and I'm glad we were able to catch it."

Trapper Rick Kramer had quite a struggle with the big gator. The alligator wasn't giving up without a fight. "He'd probably been fighting a good part of the night. He was still pretty feisty when we got here. He crawled off into the brush over there and had to unwrap the rope around some of the trees."

Angel Pitera, a pet owner who lives right where the gator was snagged, says since the gator attacked dogs, there's been a lot of concern. "It's a little bittersweet because we all love pets here and animals. We all have dogs; we are glad that he is gone. I speak for most of us, we are glad he is gone."

The gator will be put down, and the trapper says once it is opened up, they will know for sure if the dog was eaten.