Help Boynton Beach family adopt from Russia

Reporter: Allison Bybee

A Boynton Beach couple needs your help. They are adopting a baby girl from Russia, but they don't have the money they need to make it happen. So they are raising it the old fashioned way with yard sales.

They have a happy, healthy family. A dog named Lady and two boys, but they want one more - a little girl.

But April Israel can no longer have children - doctors orders. So, they turned to Russia, but, adopting from another country is expensive. "The adoption process can take a long time, and we'll see how well it works this year. And, hopefully, it will workout for the best, and we will get the funds we need."

And getting the funds isn't so easy, so they cleaned out their garage and prepared for their third yard sale and turned to friends for donations.

Susan and Gregory Kaplan understand the Israel's needs. They adopted 22-month-old Alex from Guatemala. And this weekend, they handed over dozens of items all for the sake of a baby no one has even met yet. "My heart reaches out to them. If they can make the kind of money that I am making on eBay for it. And I want them to have this baby."

The two families have become friends helping in anyway possible and so has the community.

But thousands of dollars are still needed, and they just don't have enough. "We're trying to raise money to help pay for the cost of travel; it's very expensive, but a child is worth every penny."

The next yard sale will be March 8. If you would like to help the family with any donations, they've set up a Web site: The Israel Family Adoption.