Deal or Dud: Mr. Clean Foaming Magic Eraser

Reporter: Claudia Shea

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser has been around for several years, and it's been a wildly successful product for Proctor-and-Gamble.

Now, they've added the foaming cleanser to the Magic Eraser for even more cleaning power all around the house.

So, is it a Deal or Dud?

It's not every day Anne Benner let's her kids scribble on the door. "We've got crayon; we've got some scuff marks from a black-soled show, some spaghetti sauce and some guacamole. We've even put some lipstick of mine on there."

And we've got the latest weapon in Mr. Clean's Arsenal: the new Foaming Magic Eraser.

It's similar to the original Magic Eraser, but, now, Mr. Clean added some foaming cleanser.  They come in a box of two for less than $3.

Just like with the original Magic Eraser, you've got to wet the sponge to activate the foam. As later learned, you'll want the foaming eraser wetter than the original.

Anne's ready to tackle that dirty door starting with the original Magic Eraser. "This stuff got some off."

And it does, but the scuff marks and crayons - they're tough. "Just need some elbow grease."

Now, for the other side using the new Foaming Eraser. "There it goes."

It took some squeezing to activate the foam. At first, Anne didn't see much of a difference. "Seems like the original one comes off easier to me."

But after the cleanser had a chance to work: "Looks like you let it sit on there - kind of activate it - it comes off."

Next, we head to the garage where this once white refrigerator is a little crusty - especially the handles.

Charlie and Emily are up for getting it clean. Each uses a Magic Eraser. For this test, the foaming sponge is wetter meaning more cleanse, and it seems to get Emily a slight edge. But Charlie's original one works, too.

Want proof? The fridge is clean and the sponges are dirty.

Back inside, Anne says, the trick is the sponge itself, but the cleaner helps.  "I think having the product sit on there, and that's what the product is good for. And then coming back it comes off easier."

And that's what makes the new Mr. Clean Foaming Eraser a DEAL!