New development plan for Riviera Beach

Could Riviera Beach look like this?
Could Riviera Beach look like this?

Reporter: Chuck Weber

There's yet another new plan to makeover a struggling local city.

For years, leaders in Riviera Beach have talked about redevelopment with no results, but, now, another plan has been unveiled.

Riviera Beach could get an entire new look if leaders sign off on the newest redevelopment plan unveiled Wednesday night by staff of the Regional Planning Council after getting input from people in town this past fall.

Mike and Nora Mahoney, owners of Dee's T-shirts on Broadway were some of the biggest critics of the old redevelopment plan. "I didn't know what was going to happen all the time. Are they going to change? Are they going to do tomorrow?" says Nora.

The old plan called for moving Broadway to the west and buying out many homes and businesses - likely including the Mahoney's. So they were pleased when new council members decided to revisit redevelopment plans.

On street parking as well as redoing and beautifying the streets are some of the new plan for keeping Broadway where it is.

Most important, instead of one massive project with one master developer, the new concept consists of a series of smaller efforts with flexible goals. "I liked the old plan that they had. But, looking at the new plan, I like it a lot."

City Council members, sitting as the redevelopment agency, are set to vote on the new plan February 13. Between now and then, you can comment online or at the CRA Office.