Buckle up or pay up

Reporter: Gabriella Bruni

Police set up shop outside a local school. They were cracking down on drivers not buckled up, but they got more than they bargained for with one driver.

Port St. Lucie Police are cracking down on folks not buckled up. They are enforcing it near Treasure Coast High School, and folks who think they are invincible are getting a wakeup call.

"They have to buckle no matter where they ride in the car. The driver and the front seat passenger don't have a choice. They must wear their seatbelts," explains one officer.

But it seems some needs a reminder. One woman is not exactly thrilled about getting a ticket for $76.

But the situation is worse for one guy. Not only was he cited for not wearing a seatbelt, but he was also arrested after he told police he had marijuana on him.

Despite the big bold signs warning folks of this week's enforcement, police wrote more than 100 tickets to folks who just don't seem to get it. "Fortunately, this is how bad people fail to pay attention to that kind of thing. Even when we notify them, people still do it."

Police say it's working. They wrote 50 percent fewer tickets Thursday than they did Wednesday. The enforcement continues Friday. This time, they'll be out in front of Windmill Elementary School in the morning and Treasure Coast High School in the afternoon.