Fox 29 finds Premier's missing furniture

Reporter: Al Pefley

Help has arrived for more than 100 customers left out in the cold when a furniture store went out of business.

Premier Furniture in the Palm Beach Mall suddenly closed. Fox 29 tracked down the missing furniture and has some good news for customers.

Customers, like Flora Tomlin, who hoped she would eventually get a bedroom set from Premier. She paid them about $700 before they vanished with her money and her bedroom set. "Nobody called or tried to let us know what's going to happen."

After that story aired, we got calls directing us to a new furniture store that's opening on Military Trail. We went in, and none of the guys would speak on camera, but the store owner says he's a vendor who had supplied furniture to Premier. And when Premier shut down, he got all the merchandise out of there.

He told us he intends to help all the former customers with Premier, like Flora, who bought furniture on layaway and feared they would never see their money or furniture again. "I think it's wonderful."

The owner of the new store for all the people who were buying furniture on layaway at Premier says he will honor their contracts, and when they pay in full, he'll see they'll get their furniture

Flora says that's the best news she ever heard. "I'm happy. That's why I gave you a call. I figured you would find some kind of answers for me, and you did."

The owner of the new store on Military Trail does not have a name for the store yet. He says he has most of the furniture there that used to be at the Premier Furniture. He estimates there are roughly 200 people who were buying furniture on layaway over at Premier, and, he says, he'll try to help all of them, if he can, get their furniture.