Deal or Dud: Zorbeez Towels

Reporter: Steve Noviello

There may be a match for your mess maker! The makers of a new super absorbent towel say they have the solution for soaking up stuff before it becomes a stain.

Steve Noviello went back to school to find some tiny testers to see if Zorbeez Towels are a Deal or a Dud.

Steve went to Mrs. Szabo's computer class and let the students make a mess to see if Zorbeez towels can clean it to.

The creators of Zorbeez says their tough towels are 27 times more absorbent than a cotton cloth. So, with the help of some volunteers, we recreated the commercial that claims Zorbeez is absorbent enough to hold more than 20 ounces of liquid.

Steve asks, "We've got 20 ounces of liquid in here. How many paper towels do you think you'll need to soak all this up?"

Student responds, "I would think at least 10."

First, we try to tackle the task of soaking up the mess with 10 ordinary paper towels, and it was clean those 10 were not absorbent enough. So, we add 10 more! Sure, they soak up our mess, but what a waste!

So, in goes 20 more ounces of liquid to see if just one Zorbeez is really the super soaking sucker you see on TV.

In the commercial, Zorbeez just glides over a milky mess. So, in the classroom, we simulate the same. This time with 20 ounces of cola!

A task our teacher gives an A+! "I think this did really well!"

But what about those really hard to manage messes? "I like to do science experiments, and, then, it makes a mess and explodes."

The kind on the carpet that leaves behind a stain.

In the ad on TV Zorbeez' vacuum action pulls this soda stain out from carpet! So, with the help of a volunteer, we soak our carpet sample, and, then, 6-year-old Emory makes sure the soaking is set in!

Steve asks, "Do you think we need more water?"

Student responds "Yea!"

Steve replies, "Ok, let's pour more water on it."

The carpet is now really wet, but is it too wet for Zorbeez to absorb?

A brief blotting lifts out our liquid, and that's a lot of water!

And our teachers tells us that works really well on carpet.

Steve says, "Ok, kids, let's review today's lesson. Did it work on this?"

Students respond, "Yes!"

Steve then says, "What about when we spilled the coke all over the floor. Did it work on that?"

Students say, "Yes!"

Steve says, "What about the carpet. Did it work on that?"

Student again say, "Yes!"

So is it a Deal or Dud? "Deal!"

We also got two jumbo and three large Zorbeez for $14.99 plus a free duster which we did not test. The super absorbent cloths are reusable and machine washable.

For more information, log onto the Zorbeez Web site.