Puppies, pigs saved from deplorable conditions

Reporter: Lindsay Cohen

Nearly two dozen dogs are found in deplorable conditions. Authorities rescued them Monday afternoon.

They dogs were found near a vacant home on a 10-acre plot of land, but dog weren't the only animals investigators found. Authorities also found three wild pigs and several pig and alligator carcasses.

After bringing the 21 dogs to a shelter, authorities quickly learned something as simple as providing them with fresh water was something they weren't used to. "You can see the wound is all swollen," says Capt. David Walesky, PBC Animal Care and Control.

Nearly two dozen dogs - some injured, others underfed - all seized by officials at Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control late Monday afternoon. An anonymous tip led an officer to the Loxahatchee home where the dogs were kept. A vacant home where puppies were placed in makeshift pens.

Investigators say many were covered in feces. "No animal should be kept in these conditions. Every animal should be entitled to clean living conditions where they're not standing in their own feces and not splashing around in it. Every animal deserves that."

Now, these pups are getting a second chance - getting cleaned up, checked out and cared for. Some will be adopted out, but others may go back to their owners.

Authorities believe three or four different people were responsible for these different litters. Some, if not all, of the owners could face charges of animal cruelty. "This is a regular part of our job - to see animals sitting in feces and to have to deal with that."

"People that treat puppies like this shouldn't be allowed to make puppies, and that's what we're trying to stop."

County officials are expected to vote Tuesday on a mandatory Spay-and-Neuter Ordinance. Officials hope a law like that would cut down on situations like these.

Meantime, we tried to get a comment from some of the men leaving the property late Monday evening, but they did not want to speak to us.