Officers now pulling over aggressive drivers

Reporter: Allison Bybee

An aggressive campaign to stop aggressive drivers starts in our area Monday.

The Martin County sheriff's office will spend the next week making sure you drive safe.

More than 6 million crashes occur each year in the United States. Though, it is unknown how many of those are caused by aggressive driving, estimates indicates it is a high number.

So, this week, Martin County deputies will look for unlawful and dangerous driving maneuvers, including: exceeding posted speed limits, driving too fast for road conditions, changing lanes without signaling or yielding to other drivers, and passing in emergency lanes or on road shoulders.

By focusing on these actions, law enforcement hopes the number of crashes and injuries each year will be reduced.

Martin County says they will show zero tolerance to anyone driving aggressively.

To be cited as an "aggressive driver" a motorist must commit at least two moving violations in the presence of an officer.

When an officer stops a driver for aggressive driving, the violator will receive a traffic citation for the offenses committed, and the officer will check an "aggressive driving" box on the citation.

They are also doing this in Indian River County, so drivers beware.