'Titanic' operation moving down our roadways

Reporter: John Bachman

It's 350 tons, and it is now inching it's way down our local roads. It started it's epic journey around 9 p.m. Tuesday at the Port of Palm Beach, and it has a long way to go.

The turbine will go to the new FPL Natural Gas Power Plant out at 20 mile bend. All the terms - huge, enormous, Titanic - all fit this operation.

The Florida Department of Transportation says they've been working on this project for more than a year and a half. They say this is the largest cargo ever moved over Florida roads.

About 8:45 Tuesday night, the massive trailer and it's 64 wheels started rolling out of the Port of Palm Beach. The trucking company, Beyel Brothers, tell us once the got the contract from FPL, it took them more than a year to finalize the route.

The DOT had to reinforce bridges along the route making sure it could make it under power lines and under over passes. After all that, they are confident they'll make it.

Now, let's talk size. The entire rig weighs 1,300,000 pounds. It's 300 feet long and as wide as a two lane road. In fact, the hauling crew had to lengthen the axles of the trailer, so it wouldn't collapse the bridges along the route.

There are also three different drivers. One up front, one in the middle and one in the rear.

The owner of the trucking company says moves don't get any bigger than this. "It's kind of like the Super Bowl of moves. You know it's a big move, and we have 16 more just like this with this trailer," says Phil Beyel.

There are only two trailers like this in the U.S. They say it will take them 10 hours to make the trip from the port to 20 mile bend. And they have to do it all over again next week. And, then, there are several slightly smaller, but still huge, moves after that.