Jupiter police release documents in Tobias' murder case

Reporter: Juan Carlos Fanjul

New information on the scandal surrounding the death of money mogul Seth Tobias. Fox 29 has the shocking documents that sheds new light into the investigation that's gripped South Florida.

Jupiter police released documents and audio files contained in the case work on the death of Seth Tobias. The state's attorney's office is adamant there is nothing criminal in his death.

Filomena Tobias: "Please send somebody!"

911 dispatcher: "Ok, what's wrong there?"

Filomena: "I don't know. He's passed out or what... He's not answering. Please..."

911 dispatcher: :"Is he breathing?"

Filomena: "No!"

With her husband floating face down in their Jupiter pool, Filomena Tobias sounded desperate, like she was desperately trying to get help to her husband Seth Tobias who had drowned after a night of drinking and allegedly using drugs back in September of last year.

In a separate police report, she says, her husband, a self-made millionaire who appeared on cable business channel CNBC, had been partying right before his death: "...The decedent went to E.R. Bradley's earlier in the evening, and she believes he may have been doing cocaine."

Toxicology tests later revealed Tobias had the sleeping aid Ambien in his system, but authorities are clear there was no foul play in his death contrary to some gossip reports that portrayed him as a rich man with a fetish for kinky sex.

Much of that was based on interviews police had with the couple's self-proclaimed friend and life coach, Billy Ash.

Those interviews were released Wednesday. "He was a genius at what he did... Everything was in extreme with him. He worked in extreme; he partied in extreme."

Ash claims Tobias' wife tried to kill him with an overdose of Ambien pills. But police are quick to discredit his story; even though, Jupiter investigators flew out to California to interview him. "She said that she made two bags from the Ambien and crushed... I don't remember how many pills, but she told me how many pills in each bag... And she crushed them, and, then, she put one of the bags in the vodka sauce."

The state's attorney's office says Ash and his evidence, has been completely discredited. A spokesman went on to say just because Tobias had drugs in his system doesn't mean some one drugged him to death.