New sketch released in Boca Mall murder case

Nancy and Joey Bochicchio
Nancy and Joey Bochicchio
Randi Gorenberg
Randi Gorenberg

Reporter: Lindsay Cohen

We're getting a better look at who may have killed a mother and daughter at the Boca Town Center Mall. Could this be the big boost police are looking for?

Police released Thursday the newest rendition of the person they believe terrorized three women on three separate occasions at the Boca mall over the past year.

The drawing is a color sketch by a forensic artist with the Broward sheriff's office. It is just the latest in a series of moves authorities hope will help catch a killer.

Nancy and Joey Bochicchio, a mother and daughter, were bound and shot to death at the Boca Town Center Mall in December. Authorities believe Randi Gorenberg may have been abducted from the mall and killed by the same man almost a year ago.

And the one thing tying it all together is the one woman who was attacked in August. She got away.

And this new sketch is based on her recollections. It is similar to a sketch police released about six weeks ago.

We showed both drawings to shoppers at the mall to see if they believe the new renderings will make a difference. This is what they had to say:

  • "Oh, definitely, because if that's supposed to be a ponytail, right there in the back, then definitely."
  • "It doesn't look like the same person, though, that's the thing. I think it looks like a different person."
  • "I'm very not happy with either the mall effort or the police effort on this. If they would have been on top of it initially when it happened to the first lady and her child, this might not have happened."

It is important to note. Fox's America's Most Wanted commissioned the sketch. But a Boca Police Department spokesperson says detectives are reviewing it now. They will more than likely use the sketch in conjunction with the original black and white one.

A reward remains at $350,000.

Don't miss Saturday's America's Most Wanted where the show will feature the unsolved murder cases of Nancy and Joey Bochicchio and Randi Gorenberg. The show airs Saturday at 9 PM on Fox 29.