Murder case solved 16 years later

A 16-year-old murder mystery is solved.

Thirty-four-year-old Allan Matzek was gunned down in a botched robbery and carjacking at a Martin County rest stop in 1991.

Police believe the Jacksonville man was killed for his Cadillac. The case was reopened recently after "The Cold Case Squad" got a tip from a prison informant.

Detectives charged Omar Johnson of Georgia and Darryl Cheatham of North Carolina with first degree murder. Both are career criminals. "I'm sure these individuals thought they'd gotten away with it, but we won't go to sleep on these things, so we want people to think about that before they commit crimes like that. It's not going to go away once it's done," says Sheriff Robert Crowder.

Detectives have also named several witnesses to the shooting death. Three men are already behind bars in other states.