Deal or Dud: The ShedEnder

Reporter: Claudia Shea

The ShedEnder is a new pet grooming tool which claims to "remove shedding hair where other brushes fail".

But does it really live up to all the hype? We put it to the Deal or Dud Test.

Cozy's a mixed breed who was rescued by Randy Grim last month. She's had a tough life, so we're treating Cozy to a day at the spa!

In turn, Cozy's helping us test the ShedEnder, a special grooming comb that's supposed to de-shed pet fur like nothing else.

The ShedEnder instructions tell you to bathe and de-tangle the fur before using the special comb.

Because Cozy's hair is short and smooth, the ShedEnder easily combs through it and it removes some fur.

To compare, Randy uses something called a shedding blade. "This has been around for many, many years, and it's a little easier to hold. Look, there's so much more hair than you can get from the ShedEnder."

Randy's a former groomer. He's tried lots of different pet combs and brushes over the years. "This is even more awkward to use."

He's not impressed with the ShedEnder. "The product works, but it's nothing miraculous or amazing, nothing like that."

Because the ShedEnder isn't all it's barked up to be, Randy says he'd bury it like a bone. "To me, this is nothing but a big dud. It doesn't work too well."

But because he has a warm heart, Randy comes up with one good use for the ShedEnder. "Hey, perfect for the Chihuahua. That would be great!"

A ShedEnder spokesman says most customers who bought the comb like it. As for the small size, the company is thinking about making a larger version for bigger dogs.