Alcohol prevention director jailed for DUI

Reporter: Lindsay Cohen

She was supposed to be leading an organization that helps drunk drivers stay clean. Instead, police say, she was the one intoxicated, behind the wheel and four times the legal limit.

For a woman of her size, that's the equivalent of having about 13 beers in one hour. But her coworkers at the C.O.R.E. program in Stuart are supporting the woman considering her innocent until proven guilty.

Margot Peggy Cioffi was taken into custody Monday evening after, police say, the Palm City woman rear-ended another car on Martin Downs Boulevard near Matheson Avenue.

The driver of the car Cioffi hit told police he noticed Cioffi pushed her airbag out of the way before driving off. He followed Cioffi to her home; that's where police later found her still sitting in her car.

Arresting officers describe Cioffi as argumentative and having a white foam on her lips like cotton mouth. She blew a .34 which is four times the legal limit to drive. Police took Cioffi to the hospital and then to jail.

Coworkers are stunned, but are standing by the woman's side. "Fortunately, we're innocent until proven guilty. But everyone was shocked at the allegations because, again, Peggy has lead the organization of 45 employees and has been a professional [and] done a tremendous job. So, we were surprised, and we'll be supportive and wait and see how it unfolds," states CORE Acting Director Suzanne Caudell.

The organization that Cioffi heads up works in prevention and education for people convicted of DUI. It's called C.O.R.E. or Comprehensive Offender Rehabilitation and Education.

Board members plan on meeting later this week to discuss things.

Cioffi was released on $2,000 bail. She has been suspended without pay. We were unable to reach her for comment.