Allege grow house kingpin goes before judge

Reporter: Stephanie Gailhard

Stone-faced grow house kingpin Miguel Fernandez went before a judge Thursday. Investigators believed Fernandez converted homes into indoor marijuana grow operations. Most of the homes were in Loxahatchee.

"We kind of suspected something was going on because no one was there, and, then, we would see cars pulling in and out," says resident Patti Paige.

Fernandez's arrest is part of a 10 month investigation. Back in October, we were there when detectives busted a grow house on 60th Lane North. Now, it's also believed to be part of this multi-million dollar grow house operation.

Detectives say Fernandez had several associates working under him growing and maintaining about 100 pot plants in each home. Then, he would sell the marijuana on the street.

People, like Paige who live near the suspected grow houses, are relieved Fernandez is behind bars.

A judge is holding Fernandez with no bond at the Palm Beach County Jail. Six of his associates have also been arrested. Detectives expect they may make more arrests down the line.