Bronze vases stolen from cemeteries: Arrest made

Hollywood police nab a guy who, they say, has been stealing bronze flower vases from cemeteries. Now, they are trying to figure out if he's tied to the theft of all the vases stolen from cemeteries in Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast.

Police have charged 44-year-old Victor Perez with grand theft. They say Perez was part of a group that stole bronze vases from cemeteries and sold them at metal recycling scrap yards.

Hollywood police had alerted scrap yards to be on the lookout for anyone trying to sell cemetery vases. And when Perez showed up at Best Recycling in early December, the employees bought his stolen vases. They got his personal information and turned it over to police. "It's a terrible place, the world we live in right now. So, it is a terrible feeling. That's why when the police asked us to help, we try and do our part in any way we can."

Hollywood police are now working with law enforcement in our area to see if they can get evidence linking Perez and his group to other cemetery thefts.