Nader's running for president - again

He's labeled the spoiler of the 2000 presidential campaign. And, now, Ralph Nader is back in the headlines and back in the race for the third time. Nadar announced Sunday he's running for president.

He's proven he can pull in the votes, like he did in the race between Al Gore and George W. Bush. Experts say Nader's following has dwindled since the 2000 presidential elections.

But Republicans hope Nader could have just enough of a ripple effect among voters to hurt the Democrats.

Recent polls show Obama trailing Democrat Hillary Clinton in Ohio and Texas. Clinton has to win those states in order to catch up to Obama in delegates. She and Obama will meet in their second head-to-head debate Tuesday. The upcoming primaries in Texas and Ohio could decide the razor close Democratic race.

John Kerry was in Dallas drumming up support for Barrack Obama. The former presidential candidate told voters Obama offers the best hope for uniting the nation. "We need to get things done. I think he has the talent, the skill. I think he has more legislative experience than his opponent. He's older than Bill Clinton was when he became president. There's every reason in the world to embrace the future and to listen carefully to the exciting ideas of this leader."

The Texas and Ohio primaries will be held March 4.