Students discover dead body in trash bag

Reporter: Lindsay Cohen

Two students on their way home from school find a dead body in Lake Clarke Shores. It was shoved into a trash bag and dumped behind a shopping center.

Fox 29's Lindsay Cohen is the only one there as police delved into their investigation.

Wrapped in a black trash bag and bound in duct tape, a dead body is found behind a busy shopping center east of Palm Springs. Investigators scour the body, the bag and the area for evidence.

Police say two teenagers walking home from school discovered the body just after 3 p.m. Tuesday. They saw the trash bag and kicked it realizing there could be a person inside.

The two teens went to the nearby Four Brothers restaurant where a waitress called 9-1-1.

Detectives converged on the scene. "From what I could see, it did look like it was almost folded over and then with some tape around it. Don't know the actual composition. I believe they only opened it enough to confirm what was inside, says Sgt. Pete Palenzuela.

What we know they are human remains; however, we do not know if this is a woman or a man, how long the body has been here, or whether it has decomposed at all.

Police are treating this as a homicide, but the unanswered questions leave nearby residents uneasy. "Yeah, I'm concerned. There's a lot of drug dealing going on around here lately, and it makes me nervous. That's why I keep the house locked. Even when I walk the dog, my house gets locked," says a nearby resident.

An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday. Police hope by that time they'll have more answers to the many questions.