Survivor of Town Center Mall attack suing mall

Update: The woman who survived an attack at the Boca Town Center Mall is suing the mall.

The woman, known only as Jane Doe in her lawsuit, claims Town Center Officials knew of security problems before her attack. America's Most Wanted re-enactment her kidnapping last summer.

Police believe this woman was attacked by the same guy who killed Nancy and Joey Bochicchio. The Bochicchio family is also suing the mall.

Previously: New information from a woman police believe was kidnapped along with her toddler by the same man who killed Nancy and Joey Bochicchio.

Four months before the Bochicchio's were found murdered in their SUV outside Boca's Town Center Mall, another woman and her 2-year-old son were kidnapped from that mall but ultimately released. That woman who gave police information to make the new colored suspect sketch doesn't want her identity revealed for fear the attacker will come back for her. But she did agree to an interview with our news partners at the Palm Beach Post. The woman also spoke to Fox's America's Most Wanted which taped a recreation.

Now, we're learning from the Post interview that when she and her son first arrived at the mall, she noticed a new silver Chevrolet suburban parked in the space next to her.

Later, the gunman kidnapped her in her own car and made her withdraw money from an ATM. She says the gunman, who was now driving her car, slowed to a near stop in another section of the mall parking lot and made eye contact with a white man behind the wheel of that same suburban.

The kidnapper then continued to another part of the lot where he eventually left the woman and her son.

Police have not previously released information about this other SUV to the media.