Jessica Lunsford's father receiving threats

The father of little Jessica Lunsford says he's getting threats after announcing a possible lawsuit against law enforcement. "He said my parents were white trailer trash, and he called my mom a whore. "

Last week, Mark Lunsford announced he may file suit against the Citrus County Sheriff's Office, among other agencies, for their handling of his daughter's murder case.

He says they missed several opportunities to save her. Now, he says, he's under siege for that move. He spoke out to say why he's filing this suit. "Hate me if you want. Support me if you want. I don't care if you do or don't. I've got the support I need to finish my mission. When the policy is wrong and you get sued for it, you have to change it. Because if you don't, you get sued again."

John Couey kidnapped and murdered Jessica Lunsford in 2005. He's now sentenced to death.