More scandal surrounding Premiere Furniture

Reporter: John Bachman

More problems for customers of a local business that packed up and moved out without much notice taking customers' cash with it.

We receive a tip that they've opened up again. The new store claims no connection to the old store. But, we did some digging and discovered the truth.

"No more bull sh$%".

Why is everyone including Carla Wallace so upset? "I can't get in contact with anybody about my money or my furniture."

She bought more than $1,800 worth of furniture from the now out of business Premier Furniture. But, she was told that her layaway account - now paid in full - would be honored at Empire Furniture. "They're saying they don't have the furniture that's paid off. But what I don't understand is where is the furniture that's already paid off and who do I talk to about getting my furniture or getting my money back?"

So, we tried to find out what's going on. First, we were kicked out of the store, but later, someone came outside to talk to us.

Reporter: "You used to work at Premier?"

Jason Ventura: "Yes, I was an employee over there."

Reporter: "What is the connection with this store and the other?"

Ventura: "There's no connection whatsoever. We're just trying to take care of as many people as we can."

According to state records, Ventura was more than just an employee at Premier Furniture. He was the president.

Customers also showed us a list of store contacts they were given for Premier. In the list, we found a man named Michael Marcellino. He's also listed as the vice president for Empire Furniture.

Maria Espinosa and her brother, Roberto Rodriguez, are likely also out of luck. Rodriguez says he's only received a few pieces of a $4,700 furniture order purchased at Premier.

He came to Empire because, like Carla Wallace, and was told he could pick up his furniture here. And, even though, we were told there's no connection, Rodriguez says, the same people were working at both stores.